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Ocean Modeling Vizualization Tools (OMVIZ)


This is a script file.


          Ocean Modeling Vizualization Tools (OMVIZ)

               Rich Signell (rsignell@usgs.gov)

                   LIST OF ROUTINES

 Routines that extract data from ECOM, POM and SCRUM NetCDF model output
   kslice     - Get horizontal slice along constant k
   islice     - Get vertical slice along constant i
   jslice     - Get vertical slice along constant j
   zslice     - Get horizontal slice at constant z (interpolates)
   ksliceuv   - Get horizontal velocity slice along sigma level k
   zsliceuv   - Get horizontal velocity slice at constant z (interpolates from levels)
   depaveuv   - Get depth-averaged velocity 
   ctotal     - Determine total and average amount of scalar in domain
 Plotting data

   pslice     - Color-shaded image with color legend
   psliceuv   - Draws field of arrows on existing plot

 Routines that currently only work with ECOM or POM files

   depave     - Get depth-averaged scalar field
   ecomtau    - Get wind time series 
   ecomelev   - Get elevation time series 
   ecomts     - Get time series of scalar at specified (i,j) location 
   ecomvel    - Get time series of velocity at specified (i,j) location 
   ecomtime   - Get time base 
   freshtot   - Get total freshwater in domain (given a reference salinity)
   w100       - Calculate velocity 1 m off bottom, assuming law-of-the-wall between
                   the lowest velocity estimate and the sea floor.


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