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Matlab files in this directory:

 ReadmeM-files for WOCE Property Data Processing
 bot_guiBOT_GUI Opens a GUI panel for property-property plots from bottle data.
 bt_plt1BT_PLT1 A front end program for bot_gui
 cal2decCAL2DEC converts calander day to decimal day
 findstrlineFINDSTRLINE returns indexes of lines of 'matstr' which contain 'str'
 nut_unitsNUT_UNITS Converts nutrient data from micromol/l to micromol/kg
 ox_unitsOX_UNITS converts oxygen from ml/l to micromol/kg
 read_prsREAD_PRS Reads in standard *.PRS ascii file specified by flname
 std_botSTD_BOT converts bottle data to standardized units of micromol/kg
 whp_botWHP_BOT Reads in standard WOCE.HY2 or WOCE.SEA ascii file
 whp_botsWHP_BOTS loads multiple woce *.HY2 and *.SEA files
 whp_ctdWHP_CTD Reads in standard WOCE ctd ascii file specified by flname
 whp_sumWHP_SUM reads in standard WOCE *.sum files

Other Matlab-specific files in this directory:

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