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SEA-MAT Submissions

Gulf of Maine Bathymetry time series plot

The utility of this site is linearly correlated with the number of user-contributed routines! We don't ask much in the way of style, and you can e-mail it , so please submit your code!

Submitting by e-mail

Send your m-files to


We'll pretty much take whatever we can get, but it really helps out our indexing system if:

It would also be nice, of course, to have a consistent look to the m-files. If you don't already have your m-file info documented in another way you might consider Phil Morgan's style:

		function svan = sw_svan(S,T,P)
		% SW_SVAN    Specific volume anomaly
		% SW_SVAN  $Revision: 1.3 $  $Date: 1994/10/10 05:52:20 $
		%          Copyright (C) CSIRO,  Phil Morgan 1992.
		% USAGE:  svan = sw_svan(S,T,P)
		%   Specific Volume Anomaly calculated as 
		%        svan = 1/sw_dens(s,t,p) - 1/sw_dens(35,0,p)
		%   Note that it is often quoted in literature as 1e8*units
		% INPUT:  (all must have same dimensions)
		%   S = salinity    [psu      (PSS-78) ]
		%   T = temperature [degree C (IPTS-68)]
		%   P = Pressure    [db]
		%       (alternatively, may have dimensions 1*1 or 1*n where n is columns in S)
		%  svan = Specific Volume Anomaly  [m^3 kg^-1]
		% AUTHOR:  Phil Morgan 92-11-05  (
		%   This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.  
		%   See the file sw_copy.m for conditions of use and licence.
		%     Fofonoff, N.P. and Millard, R.C. Jr 
		%     Unesco 1983. Algorithms for computation of fundamental properties of 
		%     seawater, 1983. _Unesco Tech. Pap. in Mar. Sci._, No. 44, 53 pp.
		%     Eqn (9) p.15. 
		%     S. Pond & G.Pickard  2nd Edition 1986
		%     Introductory Dynamical Oceanogrpahy
		%     Pergamon Press Sydney.  ISBN 0-08-028728-X

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