WHSC Sea-floor Mapping Technology

Welcome to the webpage for the Sea-floor Mapping Group of the U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Woods Hole Science Center (WHSC). We are a fifteen-member group that collaborates with academia, industry, and other government agencies to map the sea floor/lake floor/river bottom and shallow subsurface in a variety of nearshore, shallow-continental shelf, estuarine, fluvial, and lacustrine environments.

Subsurface sparker discharge at night. System was towed from the R/V Lynch.
Subsurface sparker discharge at night. System was towed from the R/V Lynch during a USGS research cruise in the West Florida Escarpment area, 1983.

Please navigate through our site using the tree to the right. It is broadly organized according to the equipment type, a sampling of surveys we have performed in a variety of geologic settings, an outreach page that will show how our data integrate to produce a finished product, a biography of our staff, and a site to link to collaborators and references cited throughout the website. The present location is always highlighted on the tree with a red asterisk. Larger versions of most images are available by clicking on the image.

The purpose of this web site is to describe the capabilities of the WHSC Sea-floor Mapping Group, to provide a brief description of the technologies used by the WHSC, to provide a brief history of the development of these technologies, and to present a sample of the application of these technologies to research efforts.