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 Modified version of paper by F.T. Manheim and A.G. McIntire,  Civil Engineering Practice, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 35-48 (1998).

Photo of Boston Harbor shoreline

The outlined insets are hot-linked in figure 3, under "Shoreline Comparison".

"" Introduction
"" Shoreline Definitions and Background
"" Methods
"" Shoreline Comparison
(includes downloadable file)
"" Data Sources
"" References and Acknowledgments

A new shoreline file has been created for Boston Harbor by digitizing and combining the most recent charts. Up-to-date digital shoreline files are required to support coastal geographic information system (GIS) displays that combine data from multiple sources. A second objective was to compare the Boston Harbor data set with earlier shoreline data sets, such as the Massachusetts Coastline (1:25,000) derived from USGS DLG topographic data (MCOAST), and NOAA’s Medium Resolution Digital Vector Shoreline (1:70,000), and recent, high-resolution orthophotographic coverage. Comparisons reveal changes due to coastal construction as well as discrepancies that need resolution. The present data set represents the most detailed delineation currently available.