Digital Shorelines for Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor Shoreline Files to Download

Each shoreline file is an ASCII file containing a list of decimal latitudes and longitudes.  They are provided in slightly different formats appropriate for different computer applications.  The files intended for use in MapInfo and ARC/INFO have the necessary headers and format for these GIS packages to read the latitudes/longitudes as endpoints of connecting line segments.  The last file has no special formatting and is simply 2 columns of the lat/long points with column headings to reflect this.  This file is easily imported into a spreadsheet or a text editor to add formatting for some other application.  Also, there are programs that will translate the .gen and .mif files into other formats retaining the line segment information.  Click on the file name below that you would like to download.   (Choose "File > Save as" from your browser window's menu if you don't automatically get the option to save it to your disk.)

BHS.mif      MapInfo Interchange format

BHS.mid      MapInfo file

BHS.gen     ARC/INFO ungenerate format 

BHS.txt       Tab delimited text file


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