Digital Shorelines for Boston Harbor

Data Sources
(includes some not utilized in this study)

MIT and MassGIS Digital Orthophoto Project: is jointly sponsored by the Planning Support Systems Group, Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the MassGIS (see below). The website, Tools to Facilitate Access to Digital Orthophotos, is a node on the National GeoSpatial Data Clearinghouse.

The Massachusetts Geographic Information System (MassGIS), is a part of the State of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. The website, has no data online, but has product descriptions and order data. MCOAST is a complete Massachusetts shoreline file, originally created combining data from USGS 1:24,000 digital line graphs (DLGs) and digitized coastlines of topographic maps. The original topography is mainly based on aerial photography of 1978.

NOAA/NOS Medium Resolution Digital Vector Shoreline NMRDVS: (1:70,000); NOAA photogrammetry and Digital T-Sheets.

NOAA/NGDC Boulder, CO:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Topographic Engineering Division: CORPSCON software for conversion of coordinates to and from Geographic, State Plane, and Universal Transverse Mercator projections (version 4.11) The software is available for downloading from

USGS Boston Harbor Ecosystems: [this site]

USGS/National Mapping Division (NMD): Digital Line Graphs and other map information. Other scales from 1:10,000 to 1:1,000,000 from USGS quadrangle maps.

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