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Proposed Metadata Format (Inventory of existing data sets)

Collecting metadata on any available information from the NY-NJ area was discussed at the meeting. Below is a preliminary table describing metadata fields that would be helpful in determining the amount and types of data that are available before attempting to integrate it all into a common database. This list is meant to provide space for digital data sets (databases, GIS layers, scanned photos, etc.) as well as other non-digital reference materials. Not all fields may apply to all data sets. It is designed as an initial broad-brush inventory of available information in the NY-NJ areas.

A blank Excel spreadsheet with these metadata fields as headings can be downloaded here and filled in:

Subject/Content Main content of database or GIS Bathymetry, coastline, sediments, habitats, seafloor imagery, physical oceanography (e.g. for physical oceanography: currents,temperature, salinity)
Data type Format of data Analog; digital; other (e.g. photographs) (e.g. paper map, ArcView shapefile, sediment database)
Description Name of product (Title or filename) SHOAL (USACE wave hindcasting model);
USGS Offshore Sediment Database;
Agency or organization Creator or sponsor of product USACE, NY District;
NOAA Coast Survey, USGS Coastal and Marine
Contact person(s) Name, location, e-mail & telephone    
Source of data General description telling where/how the data was obtained Contractor vibracore analyses for USACE, NY District;
NJ DEP digital environmental data, Volume 4 (Tidelands Integrated Freshwater wetlands and land Use/Land Cover)
Geographic area General description of area NY-NJ coastal area;
Barnegat Bay
Boundaries More specific limits, if applicable Cape May to Montauk Pt.  
Scale Scale of printed maps, or intended scale for use of digital data 1:250,000  
Dates of acquisition Year(s) 1962-99  
Mode of use Current usage of this data Web, publication, CD ROM, In-house  
URL for data or metadata Specific web site (not agency home page) where data can be downloaded or viewed  
User retrieval method How the user should obtain copies Download from web site; special request  
Published reference Bibliographic reference if data or materials have been published Butman and Lindsay, ed., 1999: A Marine GIS Library for Massachusetts Bay, USGS Open-File Report 99-439.  
Projection Transformation used for maps or GIS layers UTM Zone 18;
Geographic Coordinate System
Horizontal datum Horizontal reference datum (ellipsoidal model) used for maps or GIS layers WGS84;
Vertical datum Reference surface used as the basis of elevation NAVD88  
GIS Feature type Feature type of GIS layer point; line; polygon; raster  
Resolution of image/grid data Distance on earth depicted in one cell of raster layer cell size = 10m  
Other related web sites/publications URLs or other references to metadata for related data sets    


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