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Erosion and beach replacement for Shinnecock Inlet

These images are among photographs of Shinnecock Inlet assembled by Andrew Morang (Coastal Inlets Research Program, USACE). They illustrate creation of the inlet in the 1938 hurricane, and the effect of adding dredged sand to the beach west of the inlet in 1998. For details, see web site by USACE and partners.

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photo of beach before the hurricane

photo of the beach after the hurricane

June 30, 1938 - Before hurricane breached channel in barrier bar September 24, 1938 - Three days after the Great New England Hurricane

Photo of beach west of the inlet

photo of replenished beach west of inlet

September 29, 1992 - Beach to west of inlet has eroded severely October 10, 1999 - Sand replenishment on beach west of inlet in 1998


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