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Peace and Science in the Middle East


Journal Publications:

  • Al-Zoubi, A., and U.S. ten Brink, Salt diapirs in the Dead Sea basin and their relationship to quaternary extensional tectonics, Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 18, pp. 779-797, 2001. PDF
  • Al-Zoubi, A. and U.S. ten Brink, Lower crustal flow and the role of shear in basin subsidence: an example from the Dead Sea basin, Earth. Planet. Sci. Lett., V. 199, p. 67-79, 2002 PDF
  • Katzman, R., U.S. ten Brink and J. Lin, Three-dimensional modeling of pull-apart basins: Implications for the tectonics of the Dead Sea Basin, J. Geophys. Res., v. 100, pp. 6295-6312, 1995. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., and Z. Ben-Avraham, The anatomy of a pull-apart basin: seismic reflection observations of the Dead Sea basin, Tectonics, v. 8, pp. 333-350, 1989. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., N. Schoenberg, R. L. Kovack, and Z. Ben-Avraham, Uplift and a possible Moho offset across the Dead Sea transform, Tectonophysics, v. 180, pp. 71-85, 1990. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., Z. Ben-Avraham, R.E. Bell, M. Hassouneh, D. F. Coleman, G. Andreasen, G. Tibor and B. Coakley, Structure of the Dead Sea Pull-Apart Basin From Gravity Analyses, J. Geophys. Res., v. 98, pp. 21,877 - 21,894, 1993. PDF
  • ten Brink, U., M. Rybakov, A. Al-Zoubi, M. Hassouneh, A. Batayneh, U. Frieslander, V. Goldschmidt, M. Daoud, Y. Rotstein, and J.K. Hall, The anatomy of the Dead Sea plate boundary: Does it reflect continuous changes in plate motion? Geology, v. 27, pp. 887-980, 1999. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., A.S. Al-Zoubi, C.H. Flores, Y. Rotstein, I. Qabbani, S.H. Harder, and G.R. Keller, Seismic imaging of deep low-velocity zone beneath the Dead Sea basin and transform fault: Implications for strain localization and crustal rigidity, Geophys. Res. Lett., v. 33 L24314, doi:10.1029/2006GL027890, 2006. PDF Auxilirary material: Supplement.txt, FigS1.eps and FigS2.eps
  • ten Brink, U.S., A.S. Al-Zoubi, S. Harder, Y. Rotstein, I. Qabbani, and G.R. Keller, Peace and Science in the Middle East, IRIS Newsletter, Iss. 2 p 12-13,2007. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., M. Rybakov, A.S. Al-Zoubi and Y. Rotstein, Magnetic character of a large continental transform: An aeromagnetic survey of the Dead Sea Fault. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., (G-Cubed), 8, Q07005, doi:10.1029/2007GC001582, 2007. PDF
  • ten Brink, U.S., and C.H. Flores, Geometry and subsidence history of the Dead Sea basin: A case for fluid-induced mid-crustal shear zone?, Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 116, doi:10.1029/2010JB008711, 2011. PDF and Supplementary Material

USGS Open-File Reports:

  • USGS Open-File Report 01-216 Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map of the Dead Sea Fault System, Jordan and Israel, Scale 1:200,000 WEB (has links to PDF's)
  • USGS Open-File Report 00-0341 Joint Israeli-Palestinian Gravity Survey in the Dead Sea Rift Valley PDF


USGS Fact Sheets:

  • FS-236-95 Introduction to Potential Fields: Magnetics (1997) PDF
  • FS-237-95 Compiling Magnetic Databases (1997) PDF
  • FS-239-95 Introduction to Potential Fields: Gravity (1997) PDF

To view the linked PDF's you will need Adobe Reader

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