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Didemnum vexillum - Wentworth Point, Maine, Images

Image JD_WWP_ME018.jpg.
Image JD_WWP_ME018.jpg.

Image JD_WWP_ME018. Tunicate colonies of Didemnum vexillum encrusting a fouling panel (20 cm x 20 cm); colonies are pink in color. Other tunicates include colonies of Botrylloides violaceus (orange, dark red), Botryllus schlosseri and individuals of Ciona intestinalis (pale yellow with yellow band on siphon margins). Wentworth Point, dock at Darling Marine Center, Damariscotta River, Walpole, ME (approx. 43 deg 56.10 min N, 69 deg 34.84 min W). Water depth 1 m. Sep 29, 2006. Identified by J. Dijkstra (UNH). Photo credit: J. Dijkstra (UNH). Location no. 74.
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