Cruise Report

Post Cruise Information

Alternate Leg or Cruise Number:
Platform: DIANE G
Submersible (if any):
Owner-Operator: Marlin Offshore
Captain: Ed Benedict
Center Principal and Affiliate Principal(if any): William C. Schwab;
Steve Couch-USACE, NY District;
Area of Operations: NY inner shelf; Fire Island, NY
Bounding Coordinates
North: 40.78333
South: 40.5
West: -73.53333
East: -72.81667
Start and End Dates: MAY 5, 1997 to MAY 26, 1997
Start and End Ports: from Woods Hole, MA to Woods Hole, MA
Number of Days at Sea: 20
Cruise Objectives: High resolution sea-floor mapping investigation along the inner shelf south of Long Island, NY.
Scientific Party(USGS): Bill Schwab Ken Parolski Dave Foster Bill Danforth VeeAnn Cross Jane Denny Ed Roworth Mike Torresan (CMG, Menlo Park)
Scientific Party(affiliate): Paul Gayes (Coastal Carolina University.) Pat Ealy (Coastal Carolina University.)
Scientific Equipment: SIS-1000 sidescan-sonar, fathometer, Geopulse, DGPS Navigation EPC recorder, Van Veen sampler with bottom camera/video, sparker
Navigation techniques used: DGPS; Ranging to sidescan-sonar towfish
Cruise Funding Source: SIR and USACE, N.Y. District
Project Title: Sand Resources, Long Island, NY, Inner Shelf
Tabulated Information:
Days at Sea: 20
Continuous Data (in Km): 2250
Number of Stations Occupied: 133
Number of Submersible Dives:
Station Description:
Seismic Line Descriptions:
Track Plot:
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Report Date: 16:12 6/3/1997
Submitted by: Bill Schwab