Seismic Data

Lines 16-21
How to download the data.

FILE: l16f1 13618 traces:
Start of file: l16f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=13 minute=18 sec=42
__End of file: l16f1 SHOT=13618 day=130 hour=15 minute=12 sec=11

FILE: l17f1 21836 traces:
Start of file: l17f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=15 minute=34 sec=22
__End of file: l17f1 SHOT=10918 day=130 hour=17 minute=5 sec=20

FILE: l18f1 27760 traces:
Start of file: l18f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=17 minute=17 sec=0
__End of file: l18f1 SHOT=13880 day=130 hour=19 minute=12 sec=39

FILE: l19f1 28392 traces:
Start of file: l19f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=19 minute=15 sec=22
__End of file: l19f1 SHOT=14196 day=130 hour=21 minute=13 sec=39

FILE: l20f1 28052 traces:
Start of file: l20f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=21 minute=19 sec=14
__End of file: l20f1 SHOT=14026 day=130 hour=23 minute=16 sec=6

FILE: l21f1 26484 traces:
Start of file: l21f1 SHOT=1 day=130 hour=23 minute=20 sec=20
__End of file: l21f1 SHOT=13242 day=131 hour=1 minute=10 sec=40