Seismic Shot Navigation

Raw DGPS Navigation

The directory rawnav contains the Raw DGPS Navigation collected using a differential GPS system (Ashtech). These files were extracted from the SEG-Y seismic trace headers for each unique fix available (~ every 10 sec.). WARNING: These data have not been checked for errors. Use with caution.

Seismic Shot Navigation

The navigation is stored in ASCII files using six fields separated by tabs. These files are located in the shotnav subdirectory under the nav directory.
  • Field 1: UTM Zone 18 Northing
  • Field 2: UTM Zone 18 Easting
  • Field 3: Line Number
  • Field 4: Shot Number
  • Field 5: Longitude
  • Field 6: Latitude
  • Field 7: Year
  • Field 8: Julian Day:Hr:Min:Sec
Shotpoint Navigation Files (ASCII): Area 1 | Area 2

Shotpoint Maps: Full Extent | Area 1 | Area 2

Shotpoint SEG-P1 Files: Area 1 | Area 2

Shipboard Log: Text Format | Excel Format