Seismic Data

Disc 1: Lines 1-83
How to download the data.

These data have not been corrected for the source to receiver offset. Therefore the depth to seafloor is deeper than the actual water depth.

FILE: l1f1a 392 traces:
Start of file: l1f1a SHOT=2 day=128 hour=14 minute=17 sec=29
__End of file: l1f1a SHOT=197 day=128 hour=14 minute=33 sec=44
FILE: l1f1b 84 traces:
Start of file: l1f1b SHOT=2 day=128 hour=14 minute=43 sec=24
__End of file: l1f1b SHOT=43 day=128 hour=14 minute=46 sec=49
FILE: l1f2 3914 traces:
Start of file: l1f2 SHOT=2 day=128 hour=14 minute=47 sec=44
__End of file: l1f2 SHOT=1958 day=128 hour=17 minute=30 sec=44
FILE: l1f3 2218 traces:
Start of file: l1f3 SHOT=2 day=128 hour=17 minute=30 sec=49
__End of file: l1f3 SHOT=1110 day=128 hour=19 minute=3 sec=5
FILE: l2f1 4672 traces:
Start of file: l2f1 SHOT=2 day=128 hour=19 minute=13 sec=45
__End of file: l2f1 SHOT=2337 day=128 hour=22 minute=31 sec=20
FILE: l3f1 4378 traces:
Start of file: l3f1 SHOT=2 day=128 hour=22 minute=39 sec=0
__End of file: l3f1 SHOT=2190 day=129 hour=1 minute=43 sec=0
FILE: l4f1 1080 traces:
Start of file: l4f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=1 minute=44 sec=40
__End of file: l4f1 SHOT=541 day=129 hour=2 minute=30 sec=5
FILE: l4f2 1542 traces:
Start of file: l4f2 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=2 minute=30 sec=35
__End of file: l4f2 SHOT=772 day=129 hour=3 minute=35 sec=10
FILE: l4f3 202 traces:
Start of file: l4f3 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=3 minute=35 sec=15
__End of file: l4f3 SHOT=102 day=129 hour=3 minute=43 sec=35
FILE: l4f4 1486 traces:
Start of file: l4f4 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=3 minute=46 sec=45
__End of file: l4f4 SHOT=744 day=129 hour=4 minute=49 sec=55
FILE: l5f1 5514 traces:
Start of file: l5f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=5 minute=1 sec=10
__End of file: l5f1 SHOT=2758 day=129 hour=8 minute=57 sec=20
FILE: l5f2 4386 traces:
Start of file: l5f2 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=8 minute=57 sec=25
__End of file: l5f2 SHOT=2194 day=129 hour=12 minute=5 sec=35
FILE: l6f1 54 traces:
Start of file: l6f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=12 minute=7 sec=10
__End of file: l6f1 SHOT=28 day=129 hour=12 minute=9 sec=25
 There is no image for this file--too few traces.
FILE: l7f1 2560 traces:
Start of file: l7f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=12 minute=10 sec=10
__End of file: l7f1 SHOT=1281 day=129 hour=13 minute=59 sec=15
FILE: l7f2 1290 traces:
Start of file: l7f2 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=13 minute=59 sec=20
__End of file: l7f2 SHOT=646 day=129 hour=14 minute=54 sec=30
FILE: l7f3 672 traces:
Start of file: l7f3 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=15 minute=7 sec=20
__End of file: l7f3 SHOT=337 day=129 hour=15 minute=36 sec=0
FILE: l8f1 2412 traces:
Start of file: l8f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=15 minute=43 sec=0
__End of file: l8f1 SHOT=1207 day=129 hour=17 minute=24 sec=56
FILE: l8f2 838 traces:
Start of file: l8f2 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=17 minute=44 sec=46
__End of file: l8f2 SHOT=420 day=129 hour=18 minute=20 sec=21
FILE: l8f3 1274 traces:
Start of file: l8f3 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=18 minute=23 sec=51
__End of file: l8f3 SHOT=638 day=129 hour=19 minute=18 sec=41
FILE: l9f1 1904 traces:
Start of file: l9f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=19 minute=29 sec=31
__End of file: l9f1 SHOT=953 day=129 hour=20 minute=52 sec=6
FILE: l10f1 3256 traces:
Start of file: l10f1 SHOT=2 day=129 hour=20 minute=52 sec=51
__End of file: l10f1 SHOT=1629 day=129 hour=23 minute=16 sec=1
FILE: l11f1 5562 traces:
Start of file: l11f1 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=0 minute=22 sec=6
__End of file: l11f1 SHOT=2782 day=130 hour=4 minute=19 sec=41
FILE: l12f1 54 traces:
Start of file: l12f1 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=4 minute=20 sec=56
__End of file: l12f1 SHOT=28 day=130 hour=4 minute=23 sec=21
 There is no image for this file--too few traces.
FILE: l12f2 3808 traces:
Start of file: l12f2 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=4 minute=23 sec=26
__End of file: l12f2 SHOT=1905 day=130 hour=7 minute=9 sec=56
FILE: l12f3 48 traces:
Start of file: l12f3 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=7 minute=11 sec=1
__End of file: l12f3 SHOT=25 day=130 hour=7 minute=12 sec=56
 There is no image for this file--too few traces.
FILE: l12f4 96 traces:
Start of file: l12f4 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=7 minute=17 sec=1
__End of file: l12f4 SHOT=49 day=130 hour=7 minute=21 sec=11
FILE: l12f5 432 traces:
Start of file: l12f5 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=9 minute=44 sec=58
__End of file: l12f5 SHOT=217 day=130 hour=10 minute=3 sec=3
FILE: l13f1 5128 traces:
Start of file: l13f1 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=10 minute=8 sec=58
__End of file: l13f1 SHOT=2565 day=130 hour=13 minute=45 sec=38
FILE: l14f1 1440 traces:
Start of file: l14f1 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=14 minute=8 sec=33
__End of file: l14f1 SHOT=721 day=130 hour=15 minute=11 sec=43
FILE: l14f2 4928 traces:
Start of file: l14f2 SHOT=2 day=130 hour=15 minute=11 sec=48
__End of file: l14f2 SHOT=2465 day=130 hour=18 minute=49 sec=48
FILE: l15f1 5664 traces:
Start of file: l15f1 SHOT=2 day=131 hour=16 minute=19 sec=41
__End of file: l15f1 SHOT=2833 day=131 hour=20 minute=17 sec=51
FILE: l16f1 4380 traces:
Start of file: l16f1 SHOT=2 day=131 hour=20 minute=25 sec=31
__End of file: l16f1 SHOT=2191 day=131 hour=23 minute=30 sec=32
FILE: l17f1 5402 traces:
Start of file: l17f1 SHOT=2 day=131 hour=23 minute=37 sec=42
__End of file: l17f1 SHOT=2702 day=132 hour=3 minute=23 sec=37
FILE: l18f1 1598 traces:
Start of file: l18f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=3 minute=25 sec=17
__End of file: l18f1 SHOT=800 day=132 hour=4 minute=32 sec=17
FILE: l18f15 3812 traces:
Start of file: l18f15 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=4 minute=38 sec=2
__End of file: l18f15 SHOT=1907 day=132 hour=7 minute=18 sec=42
FILE: l19f1 3188 traces:
Start of file: l19f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=7 minute=22 sec=57
__End of file: l19f1 SHOT=1595 day=132 hour=9 minute=36 sec=27
FILE: l19f2 2572 traces:
Start of file: l19f2 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=9 minute=36 sec=32
__End of file: l19f2 SHOT=1287 day=132 hour=11 minute=25 sec=2
FILE: l20f1 4428 traces:
Start of file: l20f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=11 minute=25 sec=52
__End of file: l20f1 SHOT=2215 day=132 hour=14 minute=31 sec=52
FILE: l20f2 234 traces:
Start of file: l20f2 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=14 minute=31 sec=57
__End of file: l20f2 SHOT=118 day=132 hour=14 minute=41 sec=37
FILE: l21f1 4650 traces:
Start of file: l21f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=14 minute=45 sec=42
__End of file: l21f1 SHOT=2326 day=132 hour=18 minute=0 sec=47
FILE: l21f2 1072 traces:
Start of file: l21f2 SHOT=2 day=0 hour=0 minute=0 sec=0
__End of file: l21f2 SHOT=537 day=132 hour=19 minute=44 sec=27
FILE: l22f1 2620 traces:
Start of file: l22f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=19 minute=49 sec=12
__End of file: l22f1 SHOT=1311 day=132 hour=21 minute=38 sec=47
FILE: l22f2 2504 traces:
Start of file: l22f2 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=21 minute=38 sec=52
__End of file: l22f2 SHOT=1253 day=132 hour=23 minute=23 sec=52
FILE: l23f1 1666 traces:
Start of file: l23f1 SHOT=2 day=132 hour=23 minute=28 sec=37
__End of file: l23f1 SHOT=834 day=133 hour=0 minute=38 sec=22
FILE: l23f25 3368 traces:
Start of file: l23f25 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=0 minute=42 sec=22
__End of file: l23f25 SHOT=1685 day=133 hour=3 minute=1 sec=22
FILE: l24f1 5770 traces:
Start of file: l24f1 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=3 minute=11 sec=57
__End of file: l24f1 SHOT=2886 day=133 hour=7 minute=13 sec=52
FILE: l25f1 1230 traces:
Start of file: l25f1 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=7 minute=32 sec=52
__End of file: l25f1 SHOT=616 day=133 hour=8 minute=24 sec=22
FILE: l25f2 4038 traces:
Start of file: l25f2 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=8 minute=24 sec=27
__End of file: l25f2 SHOT=2020 day=133 hour=11 minute=13 sec=18
FILE: l26f1 2962 traces:
Start of file: l26f1 SHOT=2 day=0 hour=0 minute=0 sec=0
__End of file: l26f1 SHOT=1482 day=133 hour=13 minute=19 sec=8
FILE: l26f2 2466 traces:
Start of file: l26f2 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=13 minute=19 sec=13
__End of file: l26f2 SHOT=1234 day=133 hour=15 minute=1 sec=58
FILE: l27f1 4534 traces:
Start of file: l27f1 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=15 minute=2 sec=48
__End of file: l27f1 SHOT=2268 day=133 hour=18 minute=12 sec=8
FILE: l27f2 790 traces:
Start of file: l27f2 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=18 minute=12 sec=13
__End of file: l27f2 SHOT=396 day=133 hour=18 minute=45 sec=28
FILE: l28f1 4754 traces:
Start of file: l28f1 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=18 minute=52 sec=28
__End of file: l28f1 SHOT=2378 day=133 hour=22 minute=11 sec=48
FILE: l29f1 1456 traces:
Start of file: l29f1 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=22 minute=16 sec=13
__End of file: l29f1 SHOT=729 day=133 hour=23 minute=18 sec=23
FILE: l29f2 3978 traces:
Start of file: l29f2 SHOT=2 day=133 hour=23 minute=18 sec=28
__End of file: l29f2 SHOT=1990 day=134 hour=2 minute=10 sec=8
FILE: l30f1 5372 traces:
Start of file: l30f1 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=2 minute=25 sec=18
__End of file: l30f1 SHOT=2687 day=134 hour=6 minute=17 sec=23
FILE: l31f1 1628 traces:
Start of file: l31f1 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=6 minute=28 sec=28
__End of file: l31f1 SHOT=815 day=134 hour=7 minute=37 sec=58
FILE: l31f2 4090 traces:
Start of file: l31f2 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=7 minute=38 sec=3
__End of file: l31f2 SHOT=2046 day=134 hour=10 minute=31 sec=4
FILE: l32f1 2910 traces:
Start of file: l32f1 SHOT=2 day=0 hour=0 minute=0 sec=0
__End of file: l32f1 SHOT=1456 day=134 hour=12 minute=37 sec=4
FILE: l32f2 2390 traces:
Start of file: l32f2 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=12 minute=37 sec=9
__End of file: l32f2 SHOT=1196 day=134 hour=14 minute=16 sec=54
FILE: l33f1 259 traces:
Start of file: l33f1 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=14 minute=24 sec=34
__End of file: l33f1 SHOT=131 day=134 hour=14 minute=35 sec=29
FILE: l33f2 1102 traces:
Start of file: l33f2 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=17 minute=39 sec=29
__End of file: l33f2 SHOT=552 day=134 hour=18 minute=25 sec=49
FILE: l34f1 5306 traces:
Start of file: l34f1 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=18 minute=33 sec=39
__End of file: l34f1 SHOT=2654 day=134 hour=22 minute=17 sec=9
FILE: l35f1 592 traces:
Start of file: l35f1 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=22 minute=22 sec=14
__End of file: l35f1 SHOT=297 day=134 hour=22 minute=46 sec=59
FILE: l35f2 3986 traces:
Start of file: l35f2 SHOT=2 day=134 hour=22 minute=47 sec=4
__End of file: l35f2 SHOT=1994 day=135 hour=1 minute=33 sec=59
FILE: l36f1 3014 traces:
Start of file: l36f1 SHOT=2 day=135 hour=2 minute=42 sec=29
__End of file: l36f1 SHOT=1508 day=135 hour=4 minute=48 sec=59
FILE: l36f2 202 traces:
Start of file: l36f2 SHOT=2 day=135 hour=4 minute=49 sec=4
__End of file: l36f2 SHOT=102 day=135 hour=4 minute=57 sec=29
FILE: l37f1 1090 traces:
Start of file: l37f1 SHOT=2 day=135 hour=5 minute=1 sec=14
__End of file: l37f1 SHOT=546 day=135 hour=5 minute=46 sec=49
FILE: l38f1 2630 traces:
Start of file: l38f1 SHOT=2 day=135 hour=5 minute=52 sec=59
__End of file: l38f1 SHOT=1316 day=135 hour=7 minute=43 sec=5
FILE: l41f1 120 traces:
Start of file: l41f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=5 minute=32 sec=29
__End of file: l41f1 SHOT=61 day=136 hour=5 minute=37 sec=24
FILE: l41f2 4934 traces:
Start of file: l41f2 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=5 minute=37 sec=29
__End of file: l41f2 SHOT=2468 day=136 hour=9 minute=4 sec=19
FILE: l42f1 2066 traces:
Start of file: l42f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=9 minute=7 sec=59
__End of file: l42f1 SHOT=1034 day=136 hour=10 minute=34 sec=19
FILE: l42f2 2820 traces:
Start of file: l42f2 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=10 minute=34 sec=29
__End of file: l42f2 SHOT=1411 day=136 hour=12 minute=32 sec=14
FILE: l43f1 4180 traces:
Start of file: l43f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=12 minute=37 sec=44
__End of file: l43f1 SHOT=2091 day=136 hour=15 minute=32 sec=29
FILE: l43f2 962 traces:
Start of file: l43f2 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=15 minute=32 sec=34
__End of file: l43f2 SHOT=482 day=136 hour=16 minute=12 sec=34
FILE: l44f1 4916 traces:
Start of file: l44f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=16 minute=20 sec=34
__End of file: l44f1 SHOT=2459 day=136 hour=19 minute=50 sec=54
FILE: l44f2 1122 traces:
Start of file: l44f2 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=19 minute=51 sec=44
__End of file: l44f2 SHOT=562 day=136 hour=20 minute=38 sec=49
FILE: l44f3 110 traces:
Start of file: l44f3 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=20 minute=38 sec=54
__End of file: l44f3 SHOT=56 day=136 hour=20 minute=43 sec=24
FILE: l45f1 2860 traces:
Start of file: l45f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=21 minute=7 sec=44
__End of file: l45f1 SHOT=1431 day=136 hour=23 minute=7 sec=39
FILE: l46f1 3304 traces:
Start of file: l46f1 SHOT=2 day=136 hour=23 minute=14 sec=29
__End of file: l46f1 SHOT=1653 day=137 hour=1 minute=34 sec=0
FILE: l47f1 3696 traces:
Start of file: l47f1 SHOT=2 day=137 hour=1 minute=44 sec=15
__End of file: l47f1 SHOT=1849 day=137 hour=4 minute=21 sec=25
FILE: l47f2 334 traces:
Start of file: l47f2 SHOT=2 day=137 hour=4 minute=21 sec=30
__End of file: l47f2 SHOT=168 day=137 hour=4 minute=35 sec=30
FILE: l47f3 960 traces:
Start of file: l47f3 SHOT=2 day=137 hour=4 minute=36 sec=30
__End of file: l47f3 SHOT=481 day=137 hour=5 minute=23 sec=20
FILE: l48f1 48 traces:
Start of file: l48f1 SHOT=2 day=137 hour=6 minute=2 sec=0
__End of file: l48f1 SHOT=25 day=137 hour=6 minute=5 sec=50
 There is no image for this file--too few traces.
FILE: l48f2 52 traces:
Start of file: l48f2 SHOT=2 day=137 hour=6 minute=21 sec=15
__End of file: l48f2 SHOT=27 day=137 hour=6 minute=24 sec=15
  There is no image for this file--too few traces.
FILE: l51f1 3932 traces:
Start of file: l51f1 SHOT=2 day=139 hour=18 minute=29 sec=56
__End of file: l51f1 SHOT=1967 day=139 hour=21 minute=14 sec=52
FILE: l51f2 1772 traces:
Start of file: l51f2 SHOT=2 day=139 hour=21 minute=17 sec=32
__End of file: l51f2 SHOT=887 day=139 hour=22 minute=31 sec=32
FILE: l52f1 1296 traces:
Start of file: l52f1 SHOT=2 day=139 hour=22 minute=36 sec=7
__End of file: l52f1 SHOT=649 day=139 hour=23 minute=30 sec=7
FILE: l52f2 1272 traces:
Start of file: l52f2 SHOT=2 day=139 hour=23 minute=30 sec=12
__End of file: l52f2 SHOT=637 day=140 hour=0 minute=23 sec=22
FILE: l53f1 3176 traces:
Start of file: l53f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=0 minute=27 sec=32
__End of file: l53f1 SHOT=1589 day=140 hour=2 minute=39 sec=57
FILE: l54f1 2406 traces:
Start of file: l54f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=2 minute=42 sec=57
__End of file: l54f1 SHOT=1204 day=140 hour=4 minute=23 sec=37
FILE: l55f1 140 traces:
Start of file: l55f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=4 minute=28 sec=42
__End of file: l55f1 SHOT=71 day=140 hour=4 minute=34 sec=27
FILE: l55f2 2634 traces:
Start of file: l55f2 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=4 minute=34 sec=32
__End of file: l55f2 SHOT=1318 day=140 hour=6 minute=24 sec=12
FILE: l56f1 4366 traces:
Start of file: l56f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=6 minute=30 sec=57
__End of file: l56f1 SHOT=2184 day=140 hour=9 minute=36 sec=47
FILE: l56f2 1474 traces:
Start of file: l56f2 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=9 minute=36 sec=57
__End of file: l56f2 SHOT=738 day=140 hour=10 minute=47 sec=7
FILE: l57f2 302 traces:
Start of file: l57f2 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=11 minute=4 sec=2
__End of file: l57f2 SHOT=152 day=140 hour=11 minute=40 sec=32
FILE: l60f1 2534 traces:
Start of file: l60f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=17 minute=13 sec=9
__End of file: l60f1 SHOT=1268 day=140 hour=18 minute=58 sec=39
FILE: l61f1 2748 traces:
Start of file: l61f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=19 minute=18 sec=49
__End of file: l61f1 SHOT=1375 day=140 hour=21 minute=13 sec=14
FILE: l62f1 1416 traces:
Start of file: l62f1 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=21 minute=16 sec=4
__End of file: l62f1 SHOT=709 day=140 hour=22 minute=14 sec=59
FILE: l62f2 1292 traces:
Start of file: l62f2 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=22 minute=15 sec=4
__End of file: l62f2 SHOT=647 day=140 hour=23 minute=13 sec=14
FILE: l63f2 2146 traces:
Start of file: l63f2 SHOT=2 day=140 hour=23 minute=42 sec=49
__End of file: l63f2 SHOT=1074 day=141 hour=1 minute=31 sec=54
FILE: l68f1 3044 traces:
Start of file: l68f1 SHOT=2 day=141 hour=15 minute=31 sec=35
__End of file: l68f1 SHOT=1523 day=141 hour=17 minute=38 sec=20
FILE: l69f1 3956 traces:
Start of file: l69f1 SHOT=2 day=141 hour=18 minute=1 sec=10
__End of file: l69f1 SHOT=1979 day=141 hour=20 minute=46 sec=25
FILE: l69f2 1422 traces:
Start of file: l69f2 SHOT=2 day=141 hour=20 minute=46 sec=30
__End of file: l69f2 SHOT=712 day=141 hour=21 minute=45 sec=50
FILE: l70f1 570 traces:
Start of file: l70f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=21 minute=8 sec=46
__End of file: l70f1 SHOT=286 day=142 hour=21 minute=32 sec=26
FILE: l71f1 3068 traces:
Start of file: l71f1 SHOT=2 day=141 hour=23 minute=38 sec=20
__End of file: l71f1 SHOT=1535 day=142 hour=1 minute=46 sec=15
FILE: l71f2 216 traces:
Start of file: l71f2 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=1 minute=46 sec=20
__End of file: l71f2 SHOT=109 day=142 hour=1 minute=55 sec=15
FILE: l72f1 4448 traces:
Start of file: l72f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=1 minute=59 sec=20
__End of file: l72f1 SHOT=2225 day=142 hour=5 minute=5 sec=35
FILE: l73f1 2008 traces:
Start of file: l73f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=5 minute=10 sec=55
__End of file: l73f1 SHOT=1005 day=142 hour=6 minute=34 sec=30
FILE: l74f1 328 traces:
Start of file: l74f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=7 minute=45 sec=0
__End of file: l74f1 SHOT=165 day=142 hour=7 minute=58 sec=35
FILE: l74f2 4372 traces:
Start of file: l74f2 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=7 minute=58 sec=40
__End of file: l74f2 SHOT=2187 day=142 hour=11 minute=1 sec=10
FILE: l75f1 1652 traces:
Start of file: l75f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=11 minute=5 sec=15
__End of file: l75f1 SHOT=827 day=142 hour=12 minute=14 sec=0
FILE: l75f2 2030 traces:
Start of file: l75f2 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=12 minute=43 sec=31
__End of file: l75f2 SHOT=1016 day=142 hour=14 minute=8 sec=21
FILE: l76f1 4720 traces:
Start of file: l76f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=14 minute=12 sec=31
__End of file: l76f1 SHOT=2361 day=142 hour=17 minute=29 sec=36
FILE: l77f1 250 traces:
Start of file: l77f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=17 minute=30 sec=41
__End of file: l77f1 SHOT=126 day=142 hour=17 minute=41 sec=1
FILE: l77f2 774 traces:
Start of file: l77f2 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=17 minute=41 sec=6
__End of file: l77f2 SHOT=388 day=142 hour=18 minute=13 sec=16
FILE: l78f1 3990 traces:
Start of file: l78f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=18 minute=19 sec=31
__End of file: l78f1 SHOT=1996 day=142 hour=21 minute=5 sec=56
FILE: l80f1 608 traces:
Start of file: l80f1 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=21 minute=35 sec=6
__End of file: l80f1 SHOT=305 day=142 hour=22 minute=0 sec=21
FILE: l80f2 3006 traces:
Start of file: l80f2 SHOT=2 day=142 hour=23 minute=16 sec=36
__End of file: l80f2 SHOT=1504 day=143 hour=1 minute=21 sec=56
FILE: l81f1 1816 traces:
Start of file: l81f1 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=1 minute=38 sec=46
__End of file: l81f1 SHOT=909 day=143 hour=3 minute=8 sec=41
FILE: l81f2 2178 traces:
Start of file: l81f2 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=3 minute=9 sec=46
__End of file: l81f2 SHOT=1090 day=143 hour=4 minute=40 sec=26
FILE: l81f3 564 traces:
Start of file: l81f3 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=4 minute=40 sec=31
__End of file: l81f3 SHOT=283 day=143 hour=5 minute=3 sec=56
FILE: l82f1 4382 traces:
Start of file: l82f1 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=5 minute=4 sec=46
__End of file: l82f1 SHOT=2192 day=143 hour=8 minute=7 sec=51
FILE: l83f1 2054 traces:
Start of file: l83f1 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=8 minute=19 sec=36
__End of file: l83f1 SHOT=1028 day=143 hour=9 minute=45 sec=6
FILE: l83f2 2476 traces:
Start of file: l83f2 SHOT=2 day=143 hour=9 minute=45 sec=11
__End of file: l83f2 SHOT=1239 day=143 hour=11 minute=28 sec=17