Cruise Report

Alternate Leg or Cruise Number: SEAX 95007
Submersible (if any):
Owner-Operator: Seaward Explorer, Inc.
Center Principal and Affiliate Principal(if any): Bill Schwab
Area of Operations: New York Bight
Bounding Coordinates:
North: 40.58
South: 40.36
West: -73.90
East: -73.49
Start and End Dates: MAY 7, 1995 to MAY 25, 1995
Start and End Ports: from Woods Hole, MA to Tom's River, NJ
Number of Days at Sea: 18
Cruise Objectives: Assess the shallow sediment framework. The first phase of comprehensive environmental study of the New York Bight area.
Scientific Party(USGS): Thomas O'Brien, Richard Rendigs, William Danforth, Jane Denny, David Nichols, David Foster;
Scientific Party(affiliate): Meade Allison-Texas A&M, Linda Lotto-ECO, Anna Estes-Weslean Univ., William Corso-USACOE, Michael Lee-Texas A&M;
Scientific Equipment: Datasonics SIS-1000 Sea Floor Mapping system, 40 cu. in. H2O gun seismic-reflection system, ODEM 3.5 kHz subbottom profiler;
Navigation techniques used: DGPS
Cruise Funding Source: USGS
Project Title: EEZ Mapping NY-NJ
Contract: n/a
Tabulated Information:
Days at Sea: 18
Continuous Data (in Km): 2300
Number of Stations Occupied: 53
Number of Submersible Dives:
Station Description:
Seismic Line Descriptions:
Track Plot:
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Report Date: 11:25 1/22/1998
Submitted by: Bill Schwab