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Submarine Hydrogeological Data from Cape Cod National Seashore

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Table 7: Sedimentologic data from vibracores.

Site Water Depth (m) Depth Interval (cm below seafloor) Sedimentologic Description Interpreted Depositional Environment
SP2006-02 1.8 0-157 0-8 cm; dark gray to black silty fine to medium sand, worms, mottling Tidal channel
8-64 cm; medium to light gray medium sand, little to some coarse sand and gravel up to 3 cm at ~30-50 cm Tidal channel
64-83 cm; dark gray to black silty fine to medium sand Tidal channel
83-125 cm; bright orange-brown silty fine sand; 3-cm diameter spongy root or stem cutting diagonally from 83-115 cm Tidal channel
94-97 cm; gray medium sand layer Tidal channel
125-143 cm; light brown fine sand Tidal channel
143-157; orange-brown medium to coarse sand, some gravel up to 6 cm diameter Tidal channel
157-384 Medium brown to orange-brown clean fine to medium sand Glacial outwash
250-270 cm and 320 cm; layered orange-brown stringers of medium to coarse sand Glacial outwash
384-459 Medium brown to orange-brown medium to coarse sand, little to some gravel to 4 cm, less gravel toward the bottom Glacial outwash
SP2006-03 8.2 0-77 Dark gray to black silt and clay, trace to little fine sand below ~37 cm Deep flood tidal delta
33 cm; 2-cm gravel Deep flood tidal delta
50-70 cm, 3-cm moon snail, sponges, 6-cm mytilid Deep flood tidal delta
77-82 Dark gray silty fine to coarse sand, abundant shells and fragments Deep flood tidal delta
82-257 Dark blue-gray silt and clay, trace fine sand, no shells except at 274 cm (Mya?), slight banding Deep estuary
257 cm; 1-cm light gray fine sand layer Storm/breach deposit
257-372 Dark brown silt, trace to little clay; black from 266-270 cm; rare 0.5-cm gravel Kettle pond
355 cm; 1-cm medium brown medium sand layer Storm deposit
367-372 cm; dark brown silt and clay Kettle pond
372-448 Medium gray medium to coarse sand and gravel, pebbles up to 5 cm fining down to medium sand at 448 cm Ice contact stratified glacial drift
448-600 Medium yellow-brown, medium sand, little to some coarse sand, trace gravel up to 2 cm Ice contact drift
448-453 cm; orange stain Ice contact drift
480 cm; 1-cm orange stain Ice contact drift
493 cm; 0.5-cm orange stain Ice contact drift
600-607 Coarse sand and gravel Ice contact drift
SP2006-04 3.6 0-215 Dark blue-gray silt and clay, trace fine sand, trace shells, very soft, trace fibers; no fibers below 70 cm Shallow estuary
94 cm; 1 cm Mercenaria; crustacean? shell? Shallow estuary
104 cm; 2-cm Mercenaria, slightly more sand with depth Shallow estuary
140-142 cm; 2-cm Mercenaria, stiffer below Shallow estuary
193 cm; 2-cm articulated Mercenaria Shallow estuary
208 cm; 2-cm Mercenaria; no shells 208-394 cm Shallow estuary
215-400 Faint 0.5-1-cm banding below 215 cm, trace to little  fine sand, trace plant fragments (Spartina?), more brown in color Shallow estuary
394 cm; Mercenaria or Mya shell Shallow estuary
SP2006-06 0.9 0-165 Dark blue-gray to black silt and fine sand, some clay; trace clay below 20 cm; 3-cm mussels, periwinkles, Ulva at the surface, trace shells below; coarsening downward Shallow estuary/tidal flat
80-165 cm; medium gray-brown silty fine sand Shallow estuary/tidal flat
147-155 cm; articulated Mya Shallow estuary/tidal flat
165-341 Clean medium to light gray medium sand, "salt and pepper" color Tidal channel
170-176 cm; articulated Mya Tidal channel
205-207 cm; layer of shell fragments up to 1 cm long, including mud snail Tidal channel
318-320 cm; horizontal 2-cm thick by 6-cm long peat or bark "chip", shell fragments Tidal channel
341-475 Dense, dark blue-gray silt and clay, trace to some fine sand, massive (no layers), trace shell fragments and shells < 0.5 cm Shallow estuary
440-448 cm; Mya, articulated, life position, 4-cm diameter burrow above from 432 cm to shell Shallow estuary


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