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Ernst, S.; Cravens, A.; Himmelstoss, E.; Palmsten, M.; Snell, R.; Stoltz, A., 2022, State of our Nation's Coast: . Online at
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Ruppel, C.D. (compilier), 2020, The Coastal/Marine Hazards and Resources Decadal Strategic Plan: . Online at
Taylor-Burns, R., Finzi-Hart, J., Foxgrover, A., 2020, Coastal Storms: . Online at
Taylor-Burns, R., Storlazzi, C., 2020, The Role of US Coral Reefs in Coastal Protection: . Online at
Nowacki, D.J., Suttles, S.E., Ganju, N.K., Montgomery, E.T., and Martini, M.A., 2019, Oceanographic and Water Quality Measurements Collected in Jamaica Bay, NY and Great South Bay, NY, August 2017-June 2018: . Online at 10.5066/P9BD78FQ
Skarke, A., Ruppel, C., Hoy, S., 2019, The 100th Okeanos Explorer Cruise Visits New Methane Plumes Where the U.S. Atlantic Seeps Story Began: . Online at
Suttles, S.E., Warner, J.C., Montgomery, E.T., and Martini, M.A., 2019, Oceanographic and Water Quality Measurements in the Nearshore Zone at Matanzas Inlet, Florida, January- April, 2018: . Online at 10.5066/P9GKB537
Ganju, N.K., Nowacki, D., Suttles, S., Montgomery, E., Martini, M, 2018, Oceanographic and Water Quality measurements collected in Grand Bay, Alabama/Mississippi - August 2016 - January 2017: . Online at 10.5066/P9UG9JYQ
Ackerman, S.D., Foster, D.S., Moore, E.M., Irwin, B.J., Blackwood, D.S. and Sherwood, C.R., 2017, High-resolution geophysical and sampling data collected at the mouth of Connecticut River, Old Saybrook to Essex, Connecticut, 2012, USGS Field Activity 2012-024-FA: . Online at 10.5066/F7PG1Q7V
Ruppel, C., Carney, R., 2017, Asphalt Seeps in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: . Online at
Ruppel, C.R., Amon, D.,, 2017, Methane Hydrate Dynamics and Ice Worms: . Online at
Zeigler, S., 2017, Beach-dependent Shorebirds: . Online at
Denny, J.F., Schwab, W.C., Baldwin, W.E., Moore, E., and Bergeron, E., 2015, High-resolution geophysical data collected offshore of Fire Island, New York in 2011, U.S. Geological Survey Field Activity 2011-005-FA.: . Online at 10.5066/F75X2704
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Lightsom, F., 2014, U.S. Geological Survey Information for Marine Planners and Resource Managers:
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Warner, J.C., 2014, Coastal Change Processes:
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Thieler, E.R., and Gutierrez, B., 2010, Sea-level Rise Hazards and Decision Support: . Online at
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