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Metadata Strategy for the Seafloor Mapping Group


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Metadata standards are being developed at the national level by the Federal Geographic Data Commmittee (FGDC) and are available over the web at the Metadata Standards Development home page.  Metadata tools are also available at the Geologic Division web page maintained by Peter Schweitzer -  in the form of a metadata parser (MP) and other related software.

The seafloor mapping group has just released a proposed set of methods for archiving data collected by research activities. We have designed a data template that will be used to build an FGDC Metadata file structures that will be included with the archive when the data is released.  These templates are currently data specific.  Examples for sidescan, seismic, and bathymetry have been developed.  WE are currently evaluating the use of ArcView and the Extension from NOAA to build cruise specific templates so that navigation files can be processed in ArcView and the metadata for the related data can be constructed from this template.

A useful web site for metadata references and for building FGDC compliant data is available at the USACE Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Node.

Another option is to get advice and software developed by the NOAAServer development team.  Or if you wish to stick to USGS solutions, try  USGS Biological Information Infrastructure.

If you are using ArcView 3 and would like to build metadata as you build coverages, check out the Geographic Infomation System Extensions for ArcView developed by the NOAA Coastal Services Center.

What we need to do is devise a way to ensure that the appropriate data that is the minimum requirement for the FGDC standard is saved in the raw data header record. At the moment there is no method that forces metadata and other info to be logged with the raw data. The appropriate data is tracked down and hopefully added when the seg-y or sidescan raw information is processed. A preliminary metadata template file is created for the individual data sets. Our current strategy is to build links to the raw data files by building a db that is indexed based on the metadata reported. This relational database will then be used to find data needed for selected analysis. Currently we are experimenting with the Microsoft Access database in the Windows NT environment with appropriate servers.

Some preliminary templates for some of our current data sets are:

bathymetry data - bathymet
boundary data - boundmet
minimum metadata - WHFC minimum
seismic data - seismeta
sidescan data - sidesmet
swath-bathy data - swathmet

Sites that we use for FGDC guidelines and data are:

USGS Biological Survey - USGS Biological Information Infrastructure
NOAAServer Development Team Resources - NOAAServer
DOI BLM, Sol Katz - BLM metadata/www info
Online resources for earth Scientists - Bill Thoen
USACE FGDC resources - USACE Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Node 
ESRI clearinghouse gateway - ESRI clearinghouse entry point to Geospatial data

other strategic plans will be added in the near future, plus new web features and displays.


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