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Electronic Media

Title: Science in the Middle East
New York Academy of Sciences - Science and the City. June 20, 2008
Format: MP3, 11.8 MByte
Running Time: 00:25:08
Download Here

Lecture Title: Size Distribution of Submarine Landslides and Its Implication to Tsunami Hazards
Offshore Geohazard University
Running Time: 00:12:00

Lecture Title: Assessing Tsunami Hazards to U.S. East Coast Using Relationships Between Submarine Landslides and Earthquakes
Offshore Geohazard University
Running Time: 00:21:30

Educational Film
Title: The Puerto Rico Trench: Exploring the deepest place in the Atlantic Ocean
14-minute educational film about sea floor mapping and tsunami and earthquake hazards, 2004, by Joram ten Brink
For a DVD copy of the movie, please contact:
Dr. Uri ten Brink
U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Science Center
384 Woods Hole Road, Woods Hole, MA 02543
1-508-457-2396; utenbrink@usgs.gov

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