Dr. Uri S. ten Brink

  U.S. Geological Survey,
Woods Hole Science Center

Quissett Campus, 384 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1598

Tel. (508) 457-2396
Fax. (508) 457-2310
Contact: utenbrink@usgs.gov
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Selected Bibliography

Quantifying tectonic processes

Lithospheric flexure and mid-plate volcanism

Rift-margin uplift: The Transantarctic Mountains

Transform plate boundaries

The Dead Sea Transforms

Evolution of continental rifts and transform basins to slow spreading

Subduction plate boundaries


Assessments of natural hazards: earthquakes, tsunamis, and submarine landslides

Seattle Fault


Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Quantifying morphological processes

Glaciated continental shelves

Sediment compaction

Atlantic margin morphology, canyon formation and landslide initiation


Submarine slope failures

Processing and modeling seismic reflection and refraction data