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Geologic Framework Studies of South Carolina's Long Bay from Little River Inlet to Winyah Bay, 1999 - 2003; Geospatial Data Release

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Geographic Information System

  1. Data Access
  2. Raster and Vector Data Description
  3. Data Catalog

1. Data Access
The spatial data on this DVD are delivered in two different forms:

  • vector data
  • raster data

All raster and vector data are stored within an ArcGIS map document ofr_2005-1346.mxd. Refer to Section 2 (Raster and Vector Data) below for more details on file descriptions and locations.

Raster data: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Meters, Zone 17, WGS84 Datum.
Vector data: Geographic Coordinate System, WGS84 Datum.

Viewing the data:
The data can be accessed in a number of different ways depending on software availability.

  • ArcGIS 9.0 or higher : spatial analyst extension required in order to view and manipulate all data
  • ArcView 3.x : spatial analyst extension required in order to view and manipulate all data

ArcGIS 9.0 or higher:
Copy the following folder OFR_2005_1346/ArcGIS to a local computer and open the ArcMap Document ofr_2005-1346.mxd. The ArcMap Document is saved with relative links. Thus, as long as the sub-folders remain under the parent directory (ArcGIS) there is no need to change drive letters or pathways. The ArcGIS map document can also be read directly from the DVD (read-only mode) by opening ofr_2005-1346.mxd.

Requirements: Approximately 1 gigabyte of free space is needed in order to copy the data to a local drive.

ArcView 3.x:
The data can be viewed using ArcView 3.x and the spatial analyst extension.

Data Download:
Raster and Vector data are stored and compressed within zip files in order to facilitate downloads. WinZip files are linked within the Data Catalog. See below for specific download instructions (see Data Catalog).

Raster grids are stored as ASCII raster files with associated metadata in the compressed zip document. The ASCII raster files can be easily converted to ESRI gird format in either ArcView with spatial analyst extension (Import Data Source: ASCII Raster) or ArcGIS with spatial analyst extension (ASCII to Raster). Vector data are stored as shapefiles within the zip document.

If WinZip is not currently installed on the local system, go to WinZip to download the latest version of the WinZip utility.

2. Raster and Vector Data

This section describes the location of the raster and vector data. Raster and vector data are stored as Grids, Image files, or Shapefiles.

Grid: ESRI binary raster data format

Image: Tagged Information File Format TIFF

Shapefile: ESRI file format for point, line or polygon vector data.

Layer File: Symbology for individual shapefiles for use within ArcGIS

folder.ArcGIS folder

This folder contains...


  1. bathy_grd - Grid: Bathymetry
  2. bathy_hillsh - Grid: Shaded relief bathymetry
  3. con_1m.shp - Shapefile: Bathymetric contours at 1 meter interval
  4. Bathymetry.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for bathymetric grid (bathy_grd)


  1. mosaic.tif - Image: Sidescan-sonar Mosaic (TIFF)
  2. mosaic_comp.sid - Image: Sidescan-sonar Mosaic compressed MrSID format

folder.NGDC(National Geophysical Data Center)

  1. ngdc_crm.tif - Image: NGDC Coastal Relief Model


  1. boreholes.shp - Shapefile: Locations of 158 boreholes located onshore
  2. boreholes.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for boreholes (boreholes.shp)
  3. gshydd.shp - Shapefile: South Carolina Hydrography
  4. gshydd.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for hydrography (gshydd.shp)
  5. onshore_con.shp - Shapefile: Onshore contours representing the base of the Quaternary section
  6. onshore_con.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for onshore contours (onshore_con.shp)
  7. rotasonic.shp - Shapefile: Locations and depth of penetration of eight rotasonic boreholes
  8. rotasonic.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for onshore boreholes (rotasonic.shp)


  1. grabs.shp - Shapefile: Location and textural information of 722 grab samples
  2. grabs.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for grab samples (grabs.shp)
  3. grainsize_poly.shp - Shapefile: Polygons outlining grain size distribution offshore of the Grand Strand
  4. grainsize_poly.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for grain size distribution (grainsize.shp)


This folder contains JPEG images of seismic-reflection profiles. These images are "hotlinked" to the geophysical tracklines within the ArcMap Document OFR-2005-1346.mxd. Sub-folders within the seisimag directory are organized by cruise number; defined by the calendar year (of data collection) and individual cruise ID (e.g. 00014 [2 Digit YR, 3 Digit Cruise ID]).

Using 'HotLink' within ArcGIS 9.0 or higher:

In order to 'hotlink' to the seismic images, the seismic tracklines must be selected within the Table of Contents. The hotlink feature within the Tools Menu (lightning bolt Image of a lightning bolt) can then be used to display the seismic images associated with an individual trackline.

  • Open OFR_2005_1346.mxd

  • Select either Boomer Tracklines or Chirp Tracklines under 'TrackLines' within the Table of Contents
  • Select the lightning bolt tool Image of a lightning bolt and click on an individual trackline to view an image of the seismic data.


  1. paleoch_grd - Grid: Elevation of paleochannel unconformities
  2. paleoch_grd.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for paleochannels (paleoch_grd)
  3. sedthick_grd - Grid: Thickness of Holocene (modern) sediment
  4. sedthick_grd.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for Holocene sediment thickness (sedthick_grd)
  5. transgr_grd - Grid: Elevation of the regional transgressive unconformity
  6. transgr_grd.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for transgressive unconformity (transgr_grd)


  1. ridge_crests.shp - Shapefile: Location of the crest of low-relief ridges
  2. ridge_crests.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for ridge crests (ridge_crests.shp)
  3. seafloorenv.shp - Shapefile: Polygons outlining the sea-floor environments
  4. seafloorenv.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for sea-floor environments (seafloorenv.shp)


  1. surf_geol.shp - Shapefile: Polygons outlining the geologic units exposed at the sea floor
  2. surf_geol.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for surficial geology (surf_geol.shp)


** Within ofr_2005-1346.mxd: Seismic-reflection tracklines are hotlinked to JPGs stored within the seisimag/ directory. **
  1. bathy_trk.shp - Shapefile: Swath bathymetric tracklines
  2. bathy_trk.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for bathymetric tracklines (bathy_trk.shp)
  3. boomer_sht.shp - Shapefile: Shot points for boomer data
  4. boomer_sht.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for boomer shot points (boomer_sht.shp)
  5. boomer_trk.shp- Shapefile: Boomer tracklines
  6. boomer_trk.lyr - Shapefile: Symbology for boomer tracklines (boomer_trk.shp)
  7. chirp_sht.shp - Shapefile: Shot points for chirp data
  8. chirp_sht.lyr - Shapefile: Symbology for chirp shot points (chirp_sht.shp)
  9. chirp_trk.shp - Shapefile: chirp (seismic-reflection system) tracklines
  10. chirp_trk.lyr - Shapefile: Symbology for chirp tracklines (chirp_trk.shp)
  11. sonar_trk.shp - Shapefile: Sidescan-sonar tracklines
  12. sonar_trk.lyr - Layer File: Symbology for sidescan-sonar tracklines (sonar_trk.shp)

ArcGIS Map Document:

ofr_2005-1346.mxd - ArcMap Document containing all data layers described above.

3. Data Catalog

Downloading Data:
To download vector and raster data, right click on the link within the 'Download Zip File' column in the Data Catalog below. 'Save Target As...' to save a compressed WinZip file to the local hard drive. If WinZip is not currently installed on the local system, go to WinZip to download the latest version of the WinZip utility.

File Description (Metadata) File Name View File Format File Location Download Zip File
Bathymetry bathy_grd Figure bathy_grd. ESRI Grid 32 bit floating point arcgis/bathy
Bathymetric Hillshade bathy_hillsh Figure bathy_hillsh. ESRI Grid 8 bit integer arcgis/bathy
Bathymetric Contours (1m) con_1m Figure bathy contours. ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/bathy
Sidescan-Sonar Mosaic mosaic.tif Sidescan-sonar mosaic. TIFF 8 bit integer arcgis/mosaic
Sidescan-Sonar Mosaic mosaic_comp.sid Sidescan-sonar mosaic MrSID Compression arcgis/mosaic
NGDC Coastal Relief Model ngdc_crm NGDC DEM TIFF Image 8 bit integer arcgis/ngdc
Onshore Borehole Locations boreholes borehole locations ESRI Shapefile Point arcgis/onshore
Hydrography gshydd hydrography ESRI Shapefile Polygon arcgis/onshore
Onshore Contours: Base of Quaternary onshore_con Contours to base of Quaternary ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/onshore
Rotasonic Core Locations rotasonic rotasonic locations ESRI Shapefile Point arcgis/onshore
Grab Sample Locations grabs grab sample locations ESRI Shapefile Point arcgis/samples
Grain Size Distribution GrainSize_poly grain size distribution ESRI Shapefile Polygon arcgis/samples
Seismic-Reflection Profiles Seismic Profiles Image. JPEG arcgis/seisimag
Paleochannels paleoch_grd Paleochannels. ESRI Grid 32 bit floating point arcgis/seismic_srf
Modern Sediment Thickness sedthick_grd Modern Sediment Thickness ESRI Grid 32 bit floating point arcgis/seismic_srf
Transgressive Surface transgr_grd Transgressive Surface ESRI Grid 32 bit floating point arcgis/seismic_srf
Ridge Crests ridge_crests Ridge Crests ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/sf_env
Sea Floor Environments seafloorenv Sea Floor Environments ESRI Shapefile Polygon arcgis/sf_env
Sea Floor Geology surf_geol Surficial Geology ESRI Shapefile Polygon arcgis/surficial_geo
Swath Bathymetry Tracklines bathy_trk Swath Bathymetric Tracklines ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/tracklines
Boomer Shot Points boomer_sht Boomer Shot Points ESRI Shapefile Point arcgis/tracklines
Boomer Tracklines boomer_trk Boomer Tracklines ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/tracklines
Chirp Shot Points chirp_sht Chirp Shot Points ESRI Shapefile Point arcgis/tracklines
Chirp Tracklines chirp_trk Chirp Tracklines ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/tracklines
Sidescan-Sonar Tracklines sonar_trk Sidescan-Sonar Tracklines ESRI Shapefile Polyline arcgis/tracklines

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