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Publications by type, USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Abstract by WHCMSC Authors for the year

Miller, N.C.; Canales, P.; Trehu, Anne, 2021, Long-distance and shear-wave recording with seafloor and land-based seismographs: . Online at
Signell, R.P., 2020, Cloud-Performant NetCDF4/HDF5 Reading with the Zarr Library: . Online at
Moriarty, J.M., 2019, Featured Modeler for CCMP [abs]: . Online at[UNIQID]#Modeler
Moriarty, J.M., 2019, Featured Model: Simulating Processes in Vegetated Estuaries Using COAWST [abs]: . Online at[UNIQID]#Modeler
Andrews, B.A., 2012, Position paper for Esri Ocean Summit: . Online at
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